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Touring Eritrea with a Rental Car

Eritrea is one of the African countries lying in the horn of Africa. It is formally known as the State of Eritrea, and it borders Ethiopia, Sudan, and Djibouti. Its capital city is known as Asmara. The northeast along with the east, border the Red Sea.

What documents do I need to enter Eritrea?

You must have a passport of a minimum validity of three months beyond your set departure date. Moreover, your passport should have enough blank spaces for the sake of stamping. Visas are mandatory for nationals visiting the country, unless you are a passenger continuing your journey to another country, but within six hours. Additionally, you must show proof of a valid return/onward ticket, and you must not leave the airport’s transit lounge. A yellow fever vaccination certificate is also required.

How do I travel around the country?

There is a wide range of transport options for a tourist who wants to marvel in the awe inspiring destinations of Eritrea. All cities in the country will provide you with a means of transport. Some of the commonest transport means in Eritrea include, rail, air, buses and cars. If you can afford it, you can board different planes and travel from one Eritrean city to the other.

Most of the roads in the country are in above average condition. This means traveling by road is not going to be much of an issue. Buses have specific departure times, and they have set stations where you can board them. Taxis are available in plenty, and you can hire one at any time to take you to your favorite destination.

Car Rental options in Eritrea

Car rental remains the best travel option in Eritrea. As a tourist, all you need is get in touch with the available car rental companies offering cheap car hire services. If you would like to tour Eritrea comprehensively, car rental is the most affordable option.  This means that if you get awed by any destination, you can stop there as long as you wish and take your fill of it.

Do I need any special currency?

Eritrean currency is known as Nakfa. If you would like to pay for a bus ticket, air ticket or even car rental, you should exchange your cash for Eritrean money. Currency is available in both notes and coins. It is best to exchange your currency at either an authority currency exchange bureau or a bank.

What tourist attractions are available in the country?

This is a country that boasts of a wide array of natural wonders. It boasts of a long sea coast with an excess of 350 islands, where you can spoil yourself whenever you feel like. If you have never seen hot springs, Eritrea is going to give you an opportunity to see some, along with numerous low land depressions and mountains.

The highest mountain in the country is known as Embasoira, towering 9885 feet (3013m) above sea level. The Danakil Depression is the country’s lowest inland destination, and it is 98.8 (30m) above sea level. The country is also a hub for wildlife.

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